Over 200 Illegal Immigrant Children Shipped to Indiana

Over 200 Illegal Immigrant Children Shipped to Indiana

Despite assurances that no illegal aliens have been sent to Indiana for housing, it appears that over 200 have already ended up in the Hoosier State.

The issue caused confusion among state lawmakers this week when State Senator Brent Steele (R-Bedford) sent out a letter assuring constituents that no illegals have been dumped in Indiana.

Steele claimed he got his information from the office of Indiana’s Republican Governor Mike Pence. But Steele apparently asked the wrong question. The Senator asked if any detention centers had been set up in the state, and he was told thus far, none have.

It turns out that as many as 245 children from Central America have been shipped to Indiana to be cared for by individual sponsors.

Unbeknownst to local and state governments, in Indiana and elsewhere, private individuals and privately-run groups–such as churches–are accepting these children from the federal government.

In Porter County, Indiana, for instance, a left-aligned organization called the Heartland Alliance has created programs like “No Place Like Home,” an effort that takes state and federal dollars to house the homeless.

But even as these groups take tax dollars, they aren’t necessarily run by a government agency and aren’t necessarily required to tell local authorities of every move they make.

On its Facebook page, for instance, Heartland Alliance is pushing members to get involved to house these children.

Programs such as these funded by federal and state dollars are all over the country and are quite capable of accepting children illegally crossing our border without any direct approval of local governments.

Also, many of these programs are intricately associated with churches. It is quite possible that children may be distributed among parishioners without the knowledge of the community at large.

Already several border patrol agents in Texas have come down with diseases brought in by illegal immigrants. So, with many of these children bringing in diseases into the country, a question remains; will communities across the country be made aware if sick children are being distributed among them?

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