Moms Demand Action: Gun Control Makes Women Safer

Moms Demand Action: Gun Control Makes Women Safer

On July 29, the Huffington Post ran a column in which Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (MDA)  argued that gun control makes women safer.

The column is part of a current push for more gun control that includes testimony before Congress on July 30.

Watts began the column by mentioning Everytown for Gun Safety’s new gun control commercial and the discussion of it that took place on The View. She briefly mentioned that three of the four panelists on the show did not agree with the commercial, then continued with the standard MDA pitch that more gun control is a good thing–especially for women.

She supported her contention by pointing to Lara Spencer, the one panelist on The View who agreed with the commercial, and by citing the experience of Christy Martin, a “professional boxer” who was shot and wounded with her own gun by her “abusive husband.”

Watts also threw in a smattering of figures–some with references, some without–and pointed to studies that allegedly demonstrate that more gun control would make women safer. 

In contradistinction to this line of thought, three panelists on The View countered the Everytown commercial by talking about how women should be armed to protect their own lives and the lives of their children. 

One of the hosts, Juliet Huddy, referenced a time in which she was frightened by a stalker: “I remember feeling so vulnerable. And I just remember constantly going to sleep at night wishing I could go over and grab my dad’s gun.” 

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