Gaffey Grimes: Put Bumper Stickers In Your Yard!

Gaffey Grimes: Put Bumper Stickers In Your Yard!

Wednesday Kentucky Democrat Allison Grimes, who’s in a tight U.S. Senate race to unseat Republican Mitch McConnell, waxed eloquent about how Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile defense system was somehow helpful in the campaign against Hamas’ terror tunnels, which are found deep underground.

Thursday we have video from the NRSC of Grimes urging her supporters to put bumper stickers in their yards.

The same objective, unbiased, not-at-all-liberal mainstream media that pounces with venomous glee upon every real and perceived gaffe made by a Republican (especially female Republicans), hardly gave Grimes’ Iron Dome flub any notice.

Beltway reporters are already wrist-flicking this latest flub off with sarcasm.

Don’t confuse me with someone who thinks the media should jump on every slip of the tongue. That’s not my point, at all. My point is that the media overheats itself to define Republicans with their mistakes. Democrats, however, get a full and complete pass.

If Grimes were a Republican woman, these back-to-back slips would be rerun repeatedly with the likes of Wolf Blitzer and Joe Scarborough “just raising questions” about Grimes being tired, or not ready for primetime, or incapable of hiring competent staff.

Democrats sure got it good.


John Nolte on Twitter @NolteNC