John Nolte Obliterates 'Morning Joe' on Breitbart News Radio Program

John Nolte Obliterates 'Morning Joe' on Breitbart News Radio Program

Breitbart’s media watchdog, movie critic, opinion columnist, and overall franchise player John Nolte told Sirius XM Radio listeners that Morning Joe Scarborough “blew it big time” by accusing Israel of “heinous war crimes.” 

The Breitbart senior writer said that Scarborough is “so eager to be part of the festering DC slime pit” that he was willing to lie to earn their affection.

Appearing on Breitbart News Saturday with Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Marlow, Nolte vehemently accused the morning show host of being a serial liar. On top of that, he added, “Whether it is gun control, whether it is an attack on Mitt Romney in the heart of a presidential campaign, all that guy cares about is his career.”

Nolte’s disgust with Scarborough reached its zenith when he commented, “Given the choice between shaking Joe Scarborough’s hand and French kissing Michael Moore in front of my Dad, I’d go for Michael Moore in a heartbeat.”

John has written a couple of articles on Breitbart this week indicting Scarborough for pandering to the left and showing faux outrage at Israel’s role in the current mid-east crisis. Nolte responded on Thursday to Scarborough’s characterization that Israel is waging a war by “continued killing of women and children in a way that appears to be indiscriminate.”

Nolte wrote, “Like the above-mentioned principles the left-wing Scarborough has betrayed, opposing and undermining Israel is a very important qualifier when it comes to being accepted among the mainstream media. What’s especially important in hitting this qualifier is to base your rage against Israel on nothing involving facts or truth or moral literacy.”

Marlow offered some sympathy to Nolte, who has been on “Morning Joe” duty for the last three years, which requires that he actually watch the program. The Editor-in-Chief admitted that Nolte “deserved hazard pay after about eleven months.”