WH Spins: Dismal Approval Rating on Illegal Immigration 'Strengthens' Obama's Hand on Exec Amnesty

WH Spins: Dismal Approval Rating on Illegal Immigration 'Strengthens' Obama's Hand on Exec Amnesty

In a bit of remarkable spin on Friday, White House press secretary Josh Earnest said the public’s dissatisfaction with Obama’s handling of illegal immigration has put Obama in a better position to enact executive amnesty. 

Earnest said Obama’s abysmal poll numbers mean that Americans also realize that “Congress has done nothing to solve the problem.” Earnest said that “only strengthens the hand of the president” to enact executive actions. 

He said as a “result of the media attention” on the border crisis, which only happened after Breitbart Texas published leaked photos of illegal immigrant juveniles in detention centers, there has been a “broader awareness among the american electorate” of the issue. 

The more Americans found out about the border, the more they disapproved of Obama and illegal immigration. As Breitbart News reported, a recent Reuters poll found that “70% of Americans, including 86% of Republicans, believe illegal immigrants ‘threaten traditional U.S. beliefs and customs,’ while 63% believe that ‘immigrants place a burden on the economy.'” In addition, “45% of those surveyed want less legal immigration at this time, while 38% said the number of legal immigrants being admitted should remain the same.”

In a CBS poll, 57% of Americans, including 59% of independents, disapproved of Obama’s handling of immigration. A Gallup poll found that illegal immigration is the top problem facing the country. In an Associated Press poll, “nearly 90% of Americans felt that illegal immigration is a serious problem confronting the nation,” and a majority wanted “illegal immigrants to be deported more quickly and not be given refugee status.” That poll also found that 68% of Americans disapprove of Obama’s handling of illegal immigration.