'Organizing for Action' Discounts Obama Promotional Stuff

'Organizing for Action' Discounts Obama Promotional Stuff

The Obama advocacy group, “Organizing for Action,” is having a fire sale on Obama accoutrement at their OFA store now that their inspirational leader’s approval ratings have tanked below 40% across much of the country.

The OFA online store is offering up to 33% off on many of their “Organizing for Action” tee shirts and long-sleeved shirts, and 20% off on the coveted “Tiny Organizer” onesie. The outfit for infants is the “perfect gift for the grassroots organizers of tomorrow.” Of course the onesie is all-organic, but surprisingly made in the USA.

The tee shirts can now be purchased for the unbelievably low price of $18 marked down from the $27 price the shirt was fetching when Obama was more popular and fellow Democrats running for office were actually willing to be seen with him. The tee shirt allows wearers to boast that they support “Hope and Change” and gives one a chance to “Let the world know what you believe in.”

Action gear such as OFA coffee mugs, badges and Action bumper sticker packs are also being offered at huge discounted prices.

Breitbart News reported January 1 that the Washington Post referred to “Organizing for Action” as a non-profit, non-partisan organization. “Organizing for Action, the non-profit and non-partisan advocacy group that grew out of Obama’s reelection campaign,” the Post says, “is launching a new Web site, complete with videos and interactive maps, to showcase personal testimonials from those enrolled in the new health care exchanges.”