Early GOP Poll Shows Most Voters Undecided on Presidential Nominee


There’s a week left in 2014. But for political poll takers, all the excitement drained out of this year several weeks ago.

They’re already turning their attention to 2016. It’s not clear, though, that voters are yet ready for a presidential election. In a just-released Zogby poll of likely Republican primary voters, the leader is “Other/Not Sure,” at 19 percent.

Among actual people, 2012 nominee Mitt Romney leads, for now, with 14 percent. In a huge potential field, he’s trailed by: former Florida Governor Jeb Bush at 12 percent, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul at 10 percent, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie at 8 percent and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and Florida Senator Marco Rubio at 7 percent.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, former Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan, retiring Texas Governor Rick Perry, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindahl, Texas Senator Ted Cruz and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley also received some support.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton stands alone. Zogby writes that: “Clinton leads all of the Republican top tier candidates handsomely – 49%-34% against Bush; 51%-33% against Paul; 48%-33% against Christie; and 50% to 35% against Romney.”

Don’t bet the Christmas goose on that, though. Zogby’s poll involved only 231 potential voters, and the survey has a whopping margin of error of +/- 6.6 percent.