More Violence Erupts in St. Louis

AP Photo/David Carson
AP Photo/David Carson

After an armed black man, Antonio Martin, was killed Tuesday night by St. Louis police in Berkeley, a suburb of St. Louis, violence erupted. More than 100 people at the gas station where Martin was shot violently clashed with police.

The violence in St. Louis did not end with the protests Tuesday night; late Wednesday afternoon, a firefight occurred in downtown St. Louis. Four people were shot, with three in critical condition and one dead.

Before the afternoon shooting, police had released a video showing what happened during the confrontation with Martin on Tuesday night. The incident took place only two miles from Ferguson, the site of the Michael Brown shooting. St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said Martin was armed with a loaded 9mm handgun.

Wednesday night, demonstrators marched through the town to protest and hold a candlelight vigil. Along the way, they blocked the I-170 southbound.

The St. Louis County Police Department posted evidence on Twitter supporting their actions: