St. Louis

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Study: St. Louis to Lose 1,000 Jobs After Minimum Wage Increase

“The true minimum wage rate is zero—the amount an unemployed person receives from his non-existent job,” Milton Friedman wrote in Newsweek 45 years ago. Two economists writing about the decision of St. Louis city fathers to boost its minimum wage come to a similar conclusion.

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Day of Trump-Hating Rage Began in St. Louis

Hours before the community organized chaos in Chicago canceled a Donald Trump event on Friday night, rowdy protesters repeatedly interrupted Trump’s rally and speech in St. Louis.

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L.A. Mayor Garcetti: Chargers Should Stay in SD

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti was “celebrating the Rams” while suggesting the Chargers and Raiders remain in their current cities when he joined ESPN radio on Wednesday.

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Rams to Return to L.A. After First Round of Voting

The 32 NFL team owners completed a first round of voting on Tuesday in Houston, with the result thus far favoring a Rams and possibly either the Raiders or Chargers moving into a new Los Angeles stadium in Inglewood.

Chargers fans (Denis Poroy / Associated Press)

San Diego Makes Last Ditch Pitch for Chargers

Though the outlook looks grim, San Diego football fans haven’t given up yet on hopes that their long-time Chargers will remain in the town they have called home for over 50 years.

Mark Davis

Raiders Owner Appears at Oakland NFL Town Hall

In the third and final and of three NFL town hall meetings held this week to consider football teams seeking relocation to the Los Angeles market, Raiders owner Mark Davis surprised costume-clad fans and concerned Oakland area residents by confirming his commitment to keeping the team in their city.

Chargers NFL Meeting (Michelle Moons / Breitbart News)

Fans Lobby NFL to Keep Chargers in San Diego

A flock of sign-wielding San Diego Chargers fans chanting “Save Our Bolts” lined the street outside Spreckles Theater Wednesday night, as fans inside confronted NFL executives over a proposal to move the Chargers football team to Los Angeles.

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Chargers Fans Anticipate NFL Hearing in San Diego

Wednesday marks the second of three town-hall-style NFL hearings–St. Louis, San Diego, then Oakland–being held this week to determine which (if any) of three football teams–the Rams, Chargers or Raiders, respectively–will move to the Los Angeles, California market.