Al Sharpton is Obama’s Whipping Boy

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster
AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

As more and more racially-motivated attacks against police and private citizens are occurring as a result of the recent and unfortunate deaths of two black men at the hands of police, the blame for all of this racial division needs to be squarely placed on the laps of President Obama and race-baiters like Rev. Al Sharpton.

Let’s be very clear. This so-called “man of God” Rev. Al Sharpton is nothing more than President Obama’s whipping boy, who does the president’s bidding of inciting racial division in America, and then takes his media and public opinion lashes for the president, like the good little servant that he is.

Sharpton, who has African-American blood on his hands for his decades-long campaign to segregate the black community from the rest of America, has visited the Oval Office numerous times to discuss race relations with the president, not to talk about Obama’s Chicago Bears, his dietary secrets, or even discuss the president’s golf game.

Within a week, even a few days, after meeting with President Obama, Sharpton can be seen and heard spewing his racially-divisive rhetoric that continues to fuel the existing racial divide, as well as the growing race-related crimes that are happening across America.

But Sharpton is just doing his master’s bidding. The words of hate that are resonating from Sharpton’s mouth are the very thoughts that are swimming around in President Obama’s mind.

Sharpton is just Obama’s little whipping boy, nothing more.