Rose Parade Faces Small ‘#BlackLivesMatter’ Protest

Ezell Ford and Black Lives Matter protest at Rose Bowl Parade. (@Garrick Ruiz / Twitter)
@Garrick Ruiz / Twitter

About ten protesters showed up for a planned protest of Pasadena’s annual Tournament of Roses Parade with signs and a banner heralding the name and image of Ezell Ford and others who have died in confrontations with police, along with the declaration “#BlackLivesMatter.” The protest comes on the heels of small New Year’s Eve protests in Los Angeles.

Video of the protest was posted online as livestreamer “renyolk” marched with the group; however, the videos were made private shortly after being posted.

“Black lives, they matter here,” the group chanted as they marched toward the parade route.

Online, Susan A. Kitchens (@susankitchens) floated her float idea:

Signs carrying the image and name of Ezell Ford were prevalent, as the case has been ongoing. Ford died in a struggle with Los Angeles police. Autopsy results were recently released and reinforced police accounts of the incident. One Ford sign simply read “Justice for the Fords.”

Other cases being heralded as examples of alleged police brutality by the movement, such as Tamir Rice, were also wielded on signs.

As the group neared the parade they pulled out a large banner with the words, “2015, This is OUR YEAR, This is NOT A MOMENT, This IS A MOVEMENT, #BLACKLIVESMATTER.” When protesters arrived at the parade route they appeared to collide with parade watchers and what appears to be law enforcement keep eyes on the protesters.

CopBlock PressPasses (@CopBlockPressID) posted video to Vine of law enforcement officials:

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