Rep. Luis Gutiérrez To Tour Country, Mobilize Activists to Sign Illegal Immigrants Up For Amnesty

Associated Press
Associated Press

In the coming weeks Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL) says he plans to tour the country to promote President Obama’s executive amnesty for undocumented immigrants.

“I’m going to be going from town to town, state to state talking to people about the president’s immigration executive actions and what it means for them and their families and their communities.” Gutiérrez said on the House floor Thursday.

“In congregations, in community centers, in schools, and with local elected officials I will be doing outreach to educate the community of immigrants and also to mobilize the multitude of allies at the state and local level who will help millions of our immigrant neighbors come forward and register with the government,” he added, pinning the number of events to date at a half dozen.

Gutiérrez has been one of the most vocal activists in the in the pro-amnesty movement, pushing for comprehensive immigration reform and, when that failed last year, advocating that the President to act unilaterally.

His morning floor speech came a day before House Republicans plan to introduce a Department of Homeland Security funding bill that is expected to push back against Obama’s executive amnesty. Funding for DHS runs out in February.

The Illinois Democrat further called on Congress to move forward with immigration reform, saying that he is willing to work with anyone to accomplish that task.

“They would rather play politics and play to the talk radio audience,” he said, explaining why he thinks immigration reform has yet to happen. “But the White House and on our side of the aisle, we’re actually taking steps on immigration that will address the anxieties of the talk radio audience and not just inflame their frustration with the current mess.”

“Remember, not doing anything, the Republican strategy, that’s amnesty,” Gutiérrez argued.

Until Congress does move forward with immigration reform, he said, he will be working to implement Obama’s executive actions.

“In the meantime, I and a lot of my colleagues are going to be out there around the country protecting American families from destruction and protecting millions from deportation,” Gutiérrez said.