The AR-15 Made Me Do It

AP Photo/Jessica Hill
AP Photo/Jessica Hill

Following reports that Ohio terror suspect Christopher Cornell bought two AR-15 rifles prior to being apprehended by the FBI, at least one news outlet is pointing out that Adam Lanza also used an AR at Sandy Hook—a firearm perfect for “spray and pray” attacks.

Cincinnati’s WKRC reported that Cornell bought two AR-15s at Point Blank Gun Store and Range in Colerain Township on the day of his arrest. The FBI monitored these purchases and arrested Cornell as walked from the store with the rifles.

Following this report, Cincinnati’s WCPO reported that “the AR-15 rifle bought by local terror suspect was used in Sandy Hook massacre,” and they posted a video of the rifle’s “destructive power.”

With the sound of the gun being fired in the background, a reporter said, “It takes just four seconds to clear the clip in a semi-automatic AR-15.” They did not explain that the faster you fire an AR-15, the more difficult it is to hit the target. Instead, they said an AR-15 is “not known for its accuracy, but more for its destruction.”

They also did not explain why they called a magazine a “clip.”

WCPO linked to a The New York Times article, describing the AR-15s as a firearm that “looks and feels like something Rambo or real commandos might carry, which is part of its appeal to gun buyers.”

They then stressed that Cornell had purchased “600 rounds of ammunition” along with his rifles, and the picture was complete—the AR-15 is an especially “destructive” gun that bad people use to do especially bad things.

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