John McCain Taunts ‘American Sniper’ Critics

Warner Bros. Pictures
Warner Bros. Pictures

U.S. Navy Veteran Sen. John McCain praised Clint Eastwood for his film “American Sniper” and chided critics for lashing out against the film.

“It is deeply regrettable that obsessive critics of U.S. foreign policy have sought to disparage this film and denigrate the memory of a noble American warrior,” McCain said in a statement.

The senior Arizona Senator celebrated the fact that Americans are embracing the film in spite of liberal critics such as Michael Moore.

“Fortunately, their pettiness has not stopped millions of Americans from seeing American Sniper, and hopefully in the process, gaining a greater appreciation for the service and sacrifice of America’s military service members and their families,” he said.

McCain hailed the film for demonstrating “subtlety and compassion” while telling the story of American war veterans.

“I congratulate Clint Eastwood and the entire cast and crew of American Sniper for an outstanding cinematic achievement honoring the life of a genuine American hero, Chris Kyle,” he said.