Obama Bashes Republicans: ‘You can’t just talk the talk … you gotta walk the walk!’

Samuel Corum - Anadolu Agency/AFP
Samuel Corum - Anadolu Agency/AFP

During a speech at the Democratic National Committee meeting on Friday, President Obama openly mocked Republicans for obstructing his policies, and took credit for an improving economy.

Obama claimed that Republicans are shifting their rhetoric to appeal to more middle class Americans, but that their policies remained the same.

“There is this old saying, you can’t just talk the talk … you gotta walk the walk!” he said. “We’ve been walking the walk.”

Obama rehashed a lot of his second term agenda in the speech, calling for more tax hikes on the wealthy to support government programs for the middle class including reducing student loans, free child care, and free community college as well as mandatory minimum wage hikes, paid leave, and equal pay for women.

“Until they want to walk and not just talk, we’re going to keep offering the American people something better,” Obama said referring to the Republicans, accusing them of trying to cut programs for the less fortunate.

“A good way to start is stop trying to strip health insurance from millions of Americans and preventive and contraceptive care for millions of women, and stop trying to depart millions of striving young kids who just want to earn their shot at the American dream like the rest of us!” he said.