Delaware Judge Disarms Bailiffs After Gun Prank

REUTERS/Jim Urquhart
REUTERS/Jim Urquhart

On February 18, Delaware Superior Court President Judge Jan Jurden ordered that bailiffs in coutrooms statewide be disarmed because of a prank in which chief bailiff Delbert Garrison allegedly pulled his service gun and pointed it at a deputy attorney general at Sussex County Courthouse.

The prank is alleged to have taken place on February 2.

According to Delaware Online (DO), Garrison allegedly opened the “door to a side room where lawyers work and [pointed] his service weapon at a deputy attorney general in the room.” A Delaware State Police detective was in the room when the incident allegedly took place and, not knowing it was a prank, drew his own gun in response.

DO reports that Garrison “was coaxed into the prank by a second prosecutor, Adam Gelof.” And Garrison and Gelof have both been suspended pending an investigation.

Gelof has since texted that he “involved a bailiff in a practical joke in response” to a practical joke that targeted him. He said he intended it to be understood as a joke and is “professionally and personally embarrassed for all involved that [his] actions have resulted in the matter going this far.”

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