D.C. Area Schools Close for Snow, Can’t Wait for Global Warming

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite
AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Vice President Joe Biden warns students that “global warming is the greatest threat to your generation of anything at all, across the board.” But an even larger threat is that those students might never even make it out into the climate.

For years now, American elites have been telling us to fear the weather of the future. They say that global warming, or climate change, or whatever term is used, will make parts of the planet uninhabitable and lead to conflict.

But it’s today’s weather that seems really scary to many decision-makers.

On Thursday, a late winter storm swept through the D.C. region, dumping a few inches of snow and basically shutting down the city. The federal government and every area school district of note were closed.

On her Facebook page, Sen. Lisa Murkowski had a little fun with the weather wimps. The Alaska Republican posted a video from an empty federal office building. “While most of the Senate is closed due to weather here on a Thursday afternoon, I’ve held a hearing on the Arctic, worked with Alaskans who are in town, and am having a very productive day!” she stated.

Across the region, weather panic set in even before any flakes fell.

As early as Wednesday evening, when it was merely raining, Fairfax County residents received notice that schools would be closed. Safety first, and all that.

By Thursday evening, the snow had stopped. Plows were at work. Families shoveled out. And Fairfax County had closed school for Friday, once again doing so 12 hours before classes were to open.

The lesson that students are, no doubt, taking from this is: Be afraid of the weather. Be very afraid.

We apparently don’t think today’s students can be expected to deal with a few inches of snow. If that’s true, maybe global warming would be good for them; it might at least melt the snow and get them back outside.