Akron Police Right on Tail of Man Pooping on Cars


On Tuesday, Akron police finally got a solid lead on the man who has pooped on roughly 20 cars over the last three years.

A resident saw the pants-down pooper leave his excrement on the hood of the car and snapped a photograph.

Akron police Lt. Rick Edwards said over the last six months, the pooper’s victims have chiefly resided in the Castle Homes area. Edwards added that the pooper sometimes smeared his deposits on door handles, or sat in the passenger seat and left deposits there. In more extreme cases, such as Tuesday’s, Edwards noted, the pooper struck more than once on the same car.

Nine victims chose not to make a full police report, simply wanting to alert police to the problem, but in nine other cases reports were filed.

The first case reported occurred on May 15, 2012, followed by two others in December 2012, and single events in August, September, October, and December 2013, as well as July and October 2014.

The report from the December 2013 incident noted that someone had pooped in a 16-year-old girl’s car for the third time.

Edwards said DNA testing could be used to identify the man, but because the crime is minor, police would prefer to find him by other means.