Marco Rubio Says GOP Leadership ‘Doing the Best They Can’

AP Photo
AP Photo

Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R) appeared on Southwest Florida’s morning political talk show Daybreak with Drew Steele to discuss his presidential aspirations, among other things, where Steele asked Rubio the simple question of whether or not he was “satisfied with the Republican leadership in Congress.”

Rubio usually has quite a bit to say about President Obama’s failed leadership, but when asked about the questionable leadership coming from the Republican-led Congress, Rubio is quick to try to run cover for the McConnells and Boehners of the political world. Rubio responded:

 Look, I think they are doing the best they can under difficult circumstances from time to time. I wish we were moving a little quicker on some of the issues that matter, but we have to also understand the way the system is designed.  

Our system of checks and balances is not designed to move quickly. It moves slowly by design because the Founders never anticipated that the federal government would be as involved in as many things as it’s supposed to be involved in.

Rubio’s colleague in the Senate, Senator Ted Cruz, announced Monday that he is running for president in 2016, leading many politicos, including myself, to believe that Rubio went on Steele’s show in an attempt to counter some of Cruz’s presidential momentum.

 Rubio is expected to announce his presidential bid within the next couple weeks.

 Listen to the audio here: