Debbie Wasserman Schultz Really Isn’t Marco Rubio’s Friend

AP Photo

Senator Marco Rubio once told his students at Florida International University that he and Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D) had been good friends since their days in the Florida Legislature.

But while Rubio sees Wasserman Schultz as a friend, it is hard to believe that the highly-polarizing and divisive Chair of the Democrat National Committee (DNC) and congresswoman from his very own state sees him in the same light.

Over the past several years, Wasserman Schultz has called Rubio “sinister,” an “extremist,” not to mention referring to him a Republican “zealot,” as well as being “out of touch” with the Hispanic community.

As Rubio ramps up for a potential run for president in 2016, Wasserman Schultz has also stepped up her criticism of Rubio.

During a phone interview released by the Democrat Party, Wasserman Schultz laid into Rubio.

Here is what she said:

We’re here today to talk about those folks that I represent, that Marco Rubio represents as well, but who Marco Rubio certainly hasn’t been fighting for and making sure that the quality of life that everyone deserves is achievable.

He continues to criss-cross the country in an effort to drum up support for what is becoming increasingly an inevitable presidential bid. He’s trying to present himself as a fresh new face to folks in places like Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

But Marco Rubio has proven that he’s not a leader with fresh ideas. He’s a follower who is peddling a tired Republican playbook. At every turn, Marco has pandered to the Republican base instead of doing what’s best for Floridians and folks across the country.

Umm, does she not realize how hypocritical she is when she accuses Rubio of doing the exact same thing she does on a regular basis? Of course not.

His record makes clear that he has no new ideas and is simply a self-interested and opportunistic politician.

Wasserman Schultz lives by the Democrat playbook of divisive politics and has “pandered” to the liberal base of her party in her efforts to push President Obama’s failed and dangerously un-American political, economic, and foreign policy agendas.

He was for his own immigration plan before he was against it. He abandoned his constituents in need of health care and helped Ted Cruz shut down the government in an attempt to de-fund Obamacare. A reckless move that cost our economy $24 billion.

While Rubio and Cruz did the right thing by holding firm on defunding the “reckless” Obamacare law, she’s got a point about his flip-flop on immigration,

His tax plan hurts hard-working American families and slashes taxes for the wealthy and powerful corporations. And it does all of this while increasing the deficit — increasing the deficit.

He wants to raise the Social Security retirement age. His so-called plan to replace the Affordable Care Act gets rid of Medicare as we know it. And he actually said that Medicare and Social Security have “weakened” us as a people.

Wasserman Schultz has praised all of Obama’s across-the-board tax hikes that make it almost impossible for small businesses to grow. As far as Rubio wanting to get rid of Obamacare, bravo. The healthcare plan has proven to be nothing more than the “largest job killer,” as Cruz recently stated.

Marco Rubio says he’s a new type of Republican, but all he has done is champion the same failed GOP policies that the American people have repeatedly rejected time and again.

This is funny. In the 2014 election cycle, Americans came out to reject all of the failed Obama and Democrat policies that have stifled job growth and prosperity since 2008.