Rep. Gutierrez Unveils ‘Do Not Deport Me’ Cards, Encourages Illegal Immigrants To Prep For Exec. Amnesty

Associated Press
Associated Press

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) has created what he is calling a “family defender toolkit” or a pamphlet for illegal immigrants to help them prepare for President Obama’s executive amnesty and avoid deportation while they wait to apply.

The pamphlet leads illegal immigrants through what they would need to do to apply for the executive amnesty programs — Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals DACA) and Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA) — and what they can do to “protect” themselves from deportation.

“If you qualify for expanded DACA or the new DAPA program that were announced by the President on November 20, 2014, please use this toolkit to protect yourself from deportation. Even though you cannot apply yet for these programs, you can still prepare,” a message from Gutierrez contained in the pamphlet explains.

He advises they collect all their documents to prove their eligibility and put them in a “safe place” that somebody can access in the event of an “immigration emergency.”

The document also offers guidance on what to do in case of such an “immigration emergency” and includes an “emergency card” that tells a would-be immigration officer “not to deport me.”

“Use this card only if you are arrested and detained by an immigration official,” the pamphlet advises. “It explains that you are eligible for DACA or DAPA. Don’t forget to write down the name and number of your emergency contact who can help you if you are arrested and detained.”

The “emergency card” itself reads:

Do not deport me because I am eligible for DACA or DAPA.

No me deporte porque soy eligible para DACA o DAPA.

___ I have lived in the U.S. for ____ years. | He vivido en los EE.UU por ____ años. ___ I have ____ U.S. citizen children or children with green cards. | Tengo ____

hijos ciudadanos de los EE.UU o con su tarjeta verde.

___ I am in school/graduated/discharged honorably from military. | Estoy en la escuela/me graduó/me descargó honorablemente del militar.

___ I am NOT a threat to national security, border security, or public safety, and I have NO serious criminal history. | No soy una amenaza a la seguridad nacional, la seguridad fronteriza, la seguridad del public, y ni tengo una histora criminal que es seria.

AND, I have the right to remain silent and the right to speak to a lawyer before saying anything or signing anything. | Y, yo tengo el derecho de mantener silencio y el derecho de hablar con un abogado antes de decir o firmar algo.

According to Gutierrez’s message, illegal immigrants should cut out the card and keep it with them to show an official if they are detained.

“It will help explain that you should be released because you are not a priority for deportation. You should contact a trusted family member or relative who has access to this pamphlet with your documents to prove your eligibility for DACA or DAPA,” he explains. “The card also provides space for you to write down the name of your family or friend, an attorney, or community-based organization that can help you.”

He added that while he hopes they are never in need of the card, “if you do, don’t be scared because you are prepared. Soon enough the DACA and DAPA applications will be available, and when that time comes you will have everything you need to apply.”

Obama’s expansion of and DAPA have been blocked by a federal judge. The Obama administration is appealing the ruling. Despite the hold up, Gutierrez and other House Democrats have been conducting workshops to people about the immigration actions.