Former CFO Who Belittled Chick-fil-A Employee in Viral Video Now on Food Stamps

Adam Smith/YouTube
Adam Smith/YouTube

Adam Smith, who once made $200,000 per year as a CFO, claims that after he was fired for uploading a video in which he yelled at a Chick-fil-A employee for the company’s opposition to same-sex marriage, he hasn’t been able to find a job, and he, his wife, and their four children have had to subsist on food stamps.

Smith was the CFO of a medical device manufacturer in 2012 when he uploaded the video, which showed him yelling at Rachel Elizabeth, a Chick-fil-A employee working to serve the drive-through line, “Chick-fil-A is a hateful corporation. I don’t know how you live with yourself and work here. I don’t understand it.” The day after the video was uploaded, he was fired; the company he worked for allegedly received bomb threats.

Smith, who lost his job and $1 million in stock options, sold his Tuscon, Arizona home and moved his family into an RV. He said that he worked at another company for two weeks but was fired when his boss found out about the video and told him that he should have been informed of its existence. Smith claimed that he showed the video to prospective employers in order to “get it out in the open,” but that didn’t help him land a job.

Smith told ABC News: “I think people are scared. I think people are scared that it could happen again.”