White House Won’t Criticize Harry Reid’s ‘Three-Years Old’ Lies About Mitt Romney

Harry Reid
The Associated Press

The White House doesn’t plan on responding to Sen. Harry Reid’s remark that he was fine with his baseless accusations from 2012 about Mitt Romney failing to pay his taxes, suggesting that Obama won, anyway.

During the White House Press briefing on Wednesday, Press Secretary Josh Earnest was questioned by Fox News reporter James Rosen about the interview Reid conducted with CNN’s Dana Bash.

Earnest replied that Reid would “decide for himself” what to say about political matters. He also reminded reporters that Reid and Obama’s political relationship would “go down in history” for the things they accomplished.

When asked by Rosen if the White House would take the opportunity to criticizes Reid’s “unbecoming” conduct, Earnest replied. “Not for something that’s three years old.”