Exclusive — Citizens United Boosts Mike Lee’s Conservative Reform Agenda In Utah With New Hefty Ad Campaign

Rick Bowmer/AP
Rick Bowmer/AP
Washington, DC

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) is about to get a big boost back home in Utah from national conservative group Citizens United, which is launching a $200,000 television, radio and digital ad buy thanking Lee for his work on the conservative reform agenda.

“His plan helps working families and the middle class to prosper with Utah leading the way. Senator Mike Lee, an innovative leader,” a narrator says in the new television ad, shared exclusively with Breitbart News ahead of its public release. “Mike Lee’s conservative reform agenda lowers the cost of higher education so we open more doors of opportunity, eliminates unfair tax penalties for parents, paves the way to better roads, less traffic and more job creation. A principled, problem-solving plan. Call Mike Lee and thank him for the conservative reform agenda.”

Citizens United president David Bossie, in an interview with Breitbart News, said the ad campaign will start on Tuesday on television and online, then will add a “heavy radio component” beginning next week.

“It’s so busy out there but we wanted to make sure the people of Utah understood what a tremendous leader they have in Sen. Lee and that his conservative reform agenda really is an opportunity for conservatives to put forward directly to the American people concrete legislative ideas about getting things done and moving the ball forward for the American people,” Bossie said. “So, being a conservative advocacy organization we felt we were perfectly suited to try and raise up Mike Lee’s conservative reform agenda through a television, radio and digital web online campaign to educate people about it and so that’s what we’re starting tomorrow.”

Lee’s agenda focuses on a series of proactive steps across a plethora of policy areas where conservatives can get government out of the way of the American people so that industry can prosper. Lee, now the chairman of the Senate Steering Committee, is one of the few young Senate Republicans not running for president—and as such has focused his leadership role on helping rebuild the Republican Party to be more conservative.

“We want to raise him up as a leader both in Washington and in Utah and let people know how his conservative reform agenda is truly about the future of America and what’s best for our children and their children,” Bossie said. “I think that having him in charge of the Steering Committee—which is really the nucleus, the place where new legislative ideas and new agendas are born—is an exciting thing for the conservative movement across the country. It’s one the things we want to thank Mike Lee for stepping up and doing.”

Bossie added that this ad campaign “is a long term project” and “not a one-and-done thing.”

“This is going to go on,” Bossie said. “We’ve also conducted polling on the conservative reform agenda so this is part of a big, robust plan that is going to take place over—this is the first foray into a several-months-long campaign.”

There had been talk that Lee could face a GOP establishment-backed primary challenger such as former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, but Huntsman and several other major players in Utah politics have not only stood down from such chatter, they’ve actually come out and endorsed Lee and are working for his re-election campaign.

“It would be a shame if a liberal or moderate decided to take on a true conservative leader like Mike Lee,” Bossie said. “I’ve seen no action that there is going to be a serious primary opponent. As a matter of fact, I’ve seem the opposite in that people who may have run are doing the opposite and supporting Mike Lee. I’m incredibly happy that our ad campaign can stay focused truly on his legislative agenda.”

Now that Lee doesn’t need to focus on re-election campaigning, he can devote the majority of his time to sticking up for Utahans and all Americans by reforming the Republican Party and pushing forward with his conservative reform agenda.