Former Obama Press Sec on ‘Clinton Cash’ Revelations: ‘This Will All Certainly Have to Come Out’

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As the bombshell allegations about Hillary’s Clinton’s foreign donors continues to reverberate in Washington today, a rabidly left wing website and former Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs are warning that the allegations cannot be taken lightly and that Hillary will have to address them head on.

As Hillary flack John Podesta tries to laugh off the allegations in Peter Schweizer’s new book, Clinton Cash, not everyone on the left is taking the charges so lightly.

On MSNBC on Tuesday, Robert Gibbs said that while we don’t really know for sure if Clinton performed quid pro quo for her foreign donors when she was Secretary of State, “at some point likely the campaign will first have to answer these things.”

“Again, I think it will all certainly have to come out because Republicans are going to make this–try to make this a big deal,” Gibbs reiterated.

Gibbs also felt that the allegations shouldn’t be laughed off, because even The New York Times is taking the story seriously. In its own long piece on the upcoming book, Gibbs points out that the paper’s treatment of the author “wasn’t glowing, but it certainly wasn’t disparaging of the author.”

Robert Gibbs isn’t alone in treating Clinton Cash as containing serious allegations. The far Left-wing website Think Progress is also taking the book seriously.

Think Progress, a site that has been known to program talking points for the left and the media alike, posted a long article on Tuesday treating Clinton Cash as being comprised of serious charges that Hillary will have to answer to at some point in the near future.

Far from laughing it off, Think Progress notes that Schweizer raises “questions about unsavory donors and possible conflicts of interest, regardless of whether or not they dictated Clinton’s policy.”

Noting that Clinton is also attempting to laugh off the allegations, Think Progress ends by saying that “the allegations may not go away anytime soon,” because a consortium of “top media outlets” are investigating the issues raised in the book.

Think Progress, though, also alludes to a qualm the left has for some time had with the Clinton Foundation with the fact that it has taken hundreds of millions in donations from nations with spotty human rights records. It is a fact that has caused grumbling among the left for several years.

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