Book by Former Bodyguard Outs Fidel Castro as a Drug Trafficking Kingpin

AP Photo/ Charles Tasnadi
AP Photo/ Charles Tasnadi

After years of speculation, rumor, and firsthand testimonials by Cuban exiles about the human rights violations committed by Fidel Castro and his brother Raul, a new book written by one of Castro’s former right-hand men and bodyguards Juan Reinaldo Sanchez exposes Castro’s reign of terror over the Cuban people.

Here are two excerpts from Sanchez’s book, titled The Double Life of Fidel Castro: My 17 Years as Personal Bodyguard to El Lider Maximo, via the New York Post, exposing Fidel Castro’s drug trafficking ways:

Their conversation centered on a Cuban lanchero (someone who smuggles drugs by boat) living in the United States, apparently conducting business with the government.

And what business! Very simply, a huge drug-trafficking transaction was being carried out at the highest echelons of the state.

Abrantes asked for Fidel’s authorization to bring this trafficker temporarily to Cuba as he wanted to have a week’s vacation in his native land, accompanied by his parents, in Santa María del Mar — a beach situated about 12 miles east of Havana where the water is turquoise and the sand as fine as flour. For this trip, explained Abrantes, the lanchero would pay $75,000 — which, at a time of economic recession, wouldn’t go amiss . . . Fidel was all for it.

But he expressed a concern: How could they ensure that the parents of the lanchero would keep the secret and not go and blab everywhere that they had spent a week near Havana with their son, who was supposed to live in the United States?

The minister had the solution: All they had to do was make them believe their son was a Cuban intelligence officer who had infiltrated the United States and whose life would be gravely endangered if they did not keep his visit to Cuba absolutely secret. “Very well . . .” concluded Fidel, who gave his agreement.

It was as if the sky had fallen in on me.

I realized that the man for whom I had long sacrificed my life, the Líder whom I worshipped like a god and who counted more in my eyes than my own family was caught up in cocaine trafficking to such an extent that he was directing illegal operations like a real godfather.

And more…

 In 1986, when economic aid from Moscow was starting to dry up, Castro founded the MC Department (for moneda covertible, or “covertible currency”) which traded in goods — illegal and legal — for hard currency from third parties, principally Panama.

The MC Department MC soon acquired another nickname, the “Marijuana and Cocaine Department.”

And President Obama wants to “normalize” relations and lift the U.S. embargo with a known criminal drug dealer and murderous communist dictator.

By “normalizing” relations and moving to lift the embargo against Cuba, he is all but condoning the illicit and treacherous acts that this Tony Montana of the Latin world has committed over his fifty-some years of rule on the island.