Guts and Garland

Breitbart Texas/Lana Shadwick

If more Americans had the guts of Pamela Geller, every city in our country would be holding their own Mohammed Art contest next weekend.

Instead, we have modern cowardice masquerading as journalism and intellectual commentary.

Go grab a barf bag and flip through cable news.

You’d think that Pam Geller leapt out of a car with an AK-47 on Sunday night in Garland, Texas, with the goal of killing as many men and women as possible as they left an art exhibit.

No. Pam Geller was the one who put on the art exhibit.

Pause. Rewind.

Pam Geller put on an art exhibit.

Why is it considered fashionable, even nuanced, to say the stupidest things in the world about Muslims who wanted to kill people who attended that art exhibit?

Sorry. Lives are at stake. It’s time to be blunt.

Kowtowing to the death penalty for anyone who dares to draw a cartoon of a religious icon is insane. It’s the very definition of insanity. If just one person thought it was okay to kill someone over a picture, you’d clamp on the leg irons and toss them in a rubber room. It doesn’t become less crazy when a billion people believe it.

It’s a belief that didn’t even make sense in the 7th century but here we are, reading discourses about “hate speech” on our Apple Watches and Androids. Killing over a cartoon is a practice better suited to cavemen.

They say bravery isn’t an absence of fear. Everyone gets scared. No, bravery is being afraid and acting anyway,

Pam Geller acted. She faced down fear and put on an art exhibit to hammer home the idea that pencil drawings shouldn’t equal death.

And the media hates her for it.

Pipe down, the media seems to say. They might hear you!

Pam Geller is one of the small handful of people who confronted fears of backwards, bloodthirsty murderers head-on on the battlefield of culture. She’s stood up, over and over again, when most people would find it easier and safer to shut up.

The entire business model of the news media is based on free speech. Rather than attacking Pam Geller, the press should give her and the art she displayed wider exposure through free air time, and possibly a parade.

Instead, the media chickens attack Pam Geller. They know Pam won’t shoot, bomb or behead them.

So, has America just lost its sanity?

I think there’s another explanation.

Andrew Breitbart repeated over and over that culture trumps politics. Politics can have an impact on controlling behavior, but culture is the way to control minds. Art, education, media… the very battlefields abandoned by the Right as the Left marched in.

The Left controls the classroom. Children of the elite spend more time with teachers and professors than they do with their parents.

No, the USA didn’t lose its mind. The Left took it.

You can see the result today. The Left and the Islamists are blood brothers. In their upside down world, Pam Geller is the enemy.

You’d think that the Left and the Islamists have nothing in common. You’d be right on nearly every issue.

Leftists consider themselves patrons of the arts. Islamists get their rocks off by turning thousand year-old cultural treasures into rubble.

The Left are loud, angry supporters of gay America’s right to everything imaginable. Islamists hang gay men and woman, or stone them to death.

The Left rages over an alleged Republican “War on Women.“ Islamists are in the trenches of a literal war on women – the kind that leaves body bags on the field.

What brings the odd couple of the Left and the Islamists together? Blood and bile.

There’s a reason that the suspected Garland shooter’s Twitter timeline shows him cheering on the looters in Baltimore.

What animates both the modern Left and the current Islamist movement is pure, undiluted hatred.

They both hate capitalism. They both hate the West. They both crave revolution and violent overthrow, because they can’t persuade peaceful, sane people to follow them into their disastrous end game.

The left loves snark and irony, so here’s the biggest irony of them all: If the Islamists win, the Left will be the first ones in the orange jumpsuits.

Who’s going to stop the grey pony-tailed professor / folk & hip-hop fusion musician / henna tattoo artist / street theater activist / radical gender theorist / MSNBC host / paid community organizer from feeling the sting of a scimitar seconds before blinking up to see their own body thud into the dirt? Who will block that killing stroke?

The very people that Left hate the most are the ones keeping the Left from feeling sharpened steel on the back of their necks. Brave people like Pam Geller, who speak and act on the cultural battlfield. Heroes like the police and military—the people that the Left attack at every turn—who fight for them on the urban and desert battleifields.

It’s the gutsy protecting the gutless.

Party on, gutless.