Donald Trump Expands Team in South Carolina

AP Photo/Randall Hill
AP Photo/Randall Hill
Washington, DC

Donald Trump, possible GOP presidential candidate, made two new hires to join his team in South Carolina on Wednesday.

Jeff Taillon has been hired to serve as State Political Director. Gerri McDaniel was hired as Field Director for Trump’s Presidential Exploratory Committee. Jeff Taillon has been in politics for years and previously worked on the Nikki Haley for Governor campaign in 2010.

Gerri McDaniel has also been active in political campaigns. McDaniel was Newt Gingrich’s presidential campaign field manager for South Carolina’s 7th district in 2012.

Ed McMullen, state co-chairman and political adviser, said, “Jeff and Gerri are extremely valuable additions to our growing team and we look forward to sharing Mr. Trump’s vision to make America great again with the hard working people of South Carolina.”

Trump will be in Greenville, South Carolina on Saturday for his keynote speech at the South Carolina Freedom Summit.