Amb. Bolton: Obama Administration ‘Very Concerned’ About Hillary’s Lack of Transparency… Uranium Deal with Russia ‘Outrageous’

Bolton 1)

Former Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton said he was stunned by the revelations in Breitbart Senior Editor-at-Large Peter Schweizer’s new book Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich.

Bolton asserted that  Hillary is most vulnerable in the violation of her signed agreement to ensure transparency between the Clinton Foundation, Hillary as Secretary of State, and the Obama administration. He added that Hillary isn’t the only one undermined by this revelation. The Obama administration “is very concerned about it. The deal was far from perfect and they didn’t enforce the deal. So I think everybody is looking bad as a result of this.”

The senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute maintains that you can already see the negative impact this has had on Hillary, “because it adds to people’s lack of trust that they have in the Clintons.”

Bolton’s comments came in an exclusive interview with Breitbart’s Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon at the South Carolina Freedom Summit and were aired on Breitbart News Sunday on Sirius XM Patriot radio channel 125. Bannon asked the Yale Law School graduate how concerned he was that the Clinton Foundation helped facilitate the sale of one-fifth of all of American uranium to the Russians, from which the Clinton Foundation received millions of dollars in exchange.

“Without words is how I can describe my reaction to that uranium deal. And I think this is something the American people understand. It’s just unbelievable that you transfer an asset like that, or you allow it to be transferred, into the hands of a potential adversary. It is unimaginable to me what they must have been thinking they could get away with,” Bolton said.

Bannon followed up asking if there was any possibility something like this could have happened when he was ambassador under the George W. Bush administration: “Could a deal that important, on an asset that strategic, would not have been fully vetted and discussed internally by all hands on deck so that everybody got their two cents in on whether or not this should move forward?”

Bolton answered, “Zero. If there is any fault you can put at the doorstep of the Bush administration is that it was too open. Everything got debated. Listening to the way this one was approved, I’m just speechless that it could have happened that way.”

Bolton said that the book has done some important research and thinks there are many other revelations to come. “The fact that the New York Times was on top of the uranium story — they sense that there is something there as well.”

Bannon asked the ambassador if he believes that there should be an investigative hearing concerning Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 emails deleted   from her personal cell phone which was used to conduct official state department actions.

“This is another thing that leaves me completely speechless. If I had tried to do that, my tenure at the state department would have been reduced to a nanosecond,” Bolton replied. “She’s the only person who could conceivably have gotten away with it. It’s outrageous. People should be outraged.” Bolton said that if he was a senator, he would demand a hearing.

The former ambassador, who also served as the Under Secretary of State in the Bush administration, said that he fears that not only could Clinton’s classified emails be compromised, but that hackers have the capability to turn her cell phone into a microphone, “So that every conversation she’s involved in, with her IPhone in her purse, is broadcasting to somebody else,”  Bolton informed.