Subway Sandwiches Fires Employee Who Cheered Hattiesburg Officers’s Deaths


Shortly after news broke of the deaths of Hattiesburg Police Officers Benjamin Deen and Liquori Tate, a woman wearing what appeared to be a Subway sandwich shop uniform wrote a Facebook post expressing her seeming joy over their deaths. News is now breaking that the woman’s store location was tracked down, and Subway has terminated her.

The Facebook post was signed “Sierra C-Babi Mccurdy” and went up within hours of the officers’s deaths. In it, Mccurdy wrote: “2 police officers was shot in hattiesburg tonight.! — GOT EM”

The New York Daily News reports that this was followed by another post in which Mccurdy wrote: “Police take away innocent people lives everyday now & get away w/ it , f—- them . . . (no mercy).”

Mccurdy’s posts were quickly and widely circulated, and a Twitter campaign to alert @Subway was undertaken. Turns out Subway did not share Mccurdy’s sentiment and fired her. Remember: Mccurdy was wearing her Subway visor in the Facebook post.

A Subway spokesman explained: “This kind of behavior is unacceptable and does not represent the values and ethics of our brand. The franchisee has terminated the employee, effective immediately.”

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