Hillary Hires DREAMer as Latino Outreach Director 

Lorella Praeli, 26, of United We DREAM, speaks to the media after she, and a group of immigrant youth who are eligible for the President’s deferred action, met with White House Domestic Policy Director Cecilia Muñoz, Thursday, Dec. 4, 2014, at the White House in Washington.
AP/Jacquelyn Martin

Hillary Clinton has hired DREAMer Lorella Praeli to be her Latino outreach director.

According to NBC News, Praeli “will also be one of the campaign’s surrogates with the press on Latino issues.”

Praeli, who received temporary amnesty under President Barack Obama’s 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) executive amnesty, has been the policy director for the pro-amnesty United We Dream group. The activist organization has been one of the most aggressive in pushing for amnesty for illegal immigrants. The group, for instance, has staged mock funerals in Congress and organized numerous demonstrations. Most recently the group led loud protests outside the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals courtroom in New Orleans demanding amnesty while judges were hearing arguments about whether a federal judge’s temporary injunction against Obama’s new round of executive amnesty should be lifted.

After meeting with White House officials along with other DREAMers last year, Praeli called Obama’s new executive actions “bittersweet” because they did not give temporary amnesty to illegal immigrants like her mother who do not have children who are U.S. citizens.

She also confronted President Barack Obama and Republicans on amnesty, challenging Republicans to “bring it on.”

“Bring it on. We are ready. We are not afraid to take you on. We have won this victory,” she said, as Breitbart News reported. “When Republicans and other members of Congress make this personal, when they try to say this about the president and executive overreach and the Constitution but it is really an attack on our communities, then it becomes a real fight for us.”

Amanda Renteria, Clinton’s national political director, told NBC News that Clinton’s campaign was “thrilled” to have Praeli join the campaign because of “her courage and perspective in the fight for Latino families across the country.”

“Bringing Lorella into our campaign is the next step in making sure families aren’t living in fear of deportation, all students have the chance to go to college, and that any comprehensive immigration reform ensures full and equal citizenship,” she added.

Since announcing her candidacy, Clinton has made a left turn on immigration issues, vowing recently in Nevada that she would go “even further” than Obama on executive amnesty while pushing for path to “full and equal citizenship” for all of the country’s illegal immigrants.