CA Poll: Warren Polls Higher than Every Republican, but Trails Clinton

warren presidential

A Field poll released Friday shows that potential presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) polls higher among Democrats than any Republican polls among likely GOP voters in California–albeit within a wide margin of error.

Warren only polls at 13% among Democrats, far behind Hillary Clinton, who polls at 53%. Clinton appears to have lost support since February, when she polled at 59%. Warren, too, appears to have slipped, falling from 17% in February.

The leading Republican candidates–Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Scott Walker–poll at 11%, 11%, and 10%, respectively, among Republicans. There has been a jump in undecided Republicans, from 19% to 31% since the February poll.

Hillary Clinton leads each of the three Republican front-runners by at least 20% in head-to-head polling, which matches the default partisan advantage that Democrats have typically enjoyed in statewide elections in recent years.

The poll was conducted within a sample of 801 likely voters (including 356 Democrats and 227 Republicans) from late April to mid-May, and has a wide margin of error (plus-or-minus 5% among Democrats and 7% among Republicans).