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More Americans View Trump Favorably Than When They Elected Him

More Americans view Donald Trump favorably today than when he swept into office, which, coupled with the 11 million Americans who voted for Trump despite having an unfavorable view of him, indicates a good chance he would be re-elected today.

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Close of Louisiana Early Voting Shows Trump Advantage

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana – As early voting concludes in deep red Louisiana, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump appears to have turned out a record number of voters, leaving an apparent advantage over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.


Louisiana Shatters Early Voting Record, Up 67 Percent

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana – Voters in the Sportsman’s Paradise State have shattered previous early voting records in the first three days as the 2016 presidential race tightens between GOP nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.


John Pudner: Tracking the Silent Vote and Guilt Vote

If a “guilt vote” propelled President Obama to two election wins, will Donald Trump be elected with a “silent vote” because the national media makes it too embarrassing to tell a pollster you are supporting Trump?


Until Today Trump Was Ahead of Romney’s 2012 Final

Thursday battleground state polls confirmed national polls showing a steep drop for Donald Trump after projecting as a favorite as recently as Saturday by Nate Silver, who in 2012 only briefly after the first debate gave Mitt Romney even a 41 percent chance of winning.


Old Polling Trick Compares Trump to Lice, Cockroaches

From May 6-9, Public Policy Polling compared Donald Trump to hemorrhoids, root canals, lice, traffic jams, and cockroaches. Not surprising it was the one poll showing Hillary Clinton still ahead.

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Progressive Pollsters Take over Dem Mockery Machine with “Deez Nuts”

With Jon Stewart retired and Stephen Colbert off the air for the summer, the Democrat establishment has picked up the slack in their tried-and-true technique of victory through mockery. Democratic polling firm Public Policy Polling (PPP) included a teenager using the name “Deez Nuts” in a recent presidental poll and showed him polling at 9 percent.

Deez Nutz (Screenshot / Youtube)

CA Poll: Warren Polls Higher than Every Republican, but Trails Clinton

A Field poll released Friday shows that potential presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) polls higher among Democrats than any Republican polls among likely GOP voters in California–albeit within a wide margin of error. Warren only polls at 13% among Democrats, far

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