Man Allegedly Climbs Into Woman’s Car, Pulls A Knife, Gets Shot

Associated Press

On June 5, a man allegedly climbed into a woman’s car at an Exxon station, pulled a knife, and got shot.

The incident took place in Harris County, Texas.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the woman–“in her mid-30s”–pulled into the Exxon station around 6 pm and was sitting in her driver’s seat when the man allegedly entered through the passenger door, brandished a knife, and demanded all her money.

She remained calm and feigned reaching into her purse for money, but grabbed her pistol instead.

She then raised the gun and shot the man in his left shoulder. He fled, only to “[collapse] about a quarter-mile away.”

The suspect was rushed to Memorial Hermann Hospital “because of blood loss,” but was last listed in stable condition.

Upon leaving the hospital he faces a charge for “aggravated robbery.”

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