National Journal: ‘The Democrats’ Tea Party Moment’

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

From National Journal:

House progressives may have just had their tea-party moment.

They went toe-to-toe Friday with their own president, the business community, and moderates of all stripes—and they won big.

In overwhelming numbers, Democrats torpedoed a bill that would have moved President Obama closer to the landmark trade deal he’s been seeking. And they did so hours after he visited Capitol Hill to make a personal appeal to their caucus.

“It’s more than 2-to-1,” said a giddy Rep. Alan Grayson, watching the vote. “That’s incredible. Nobody expected that.”

The trade drama was only the latest skirmish in a broader intraparty war, with organized labor and economic populists such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren on one side, and a dwindling corps of business- and Wall Street-friendly Democrats on the other. Increasingly, the political momentum and passion within the party is moving toward the first group.

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