Jindal Jumps in, Louisiana Gov. Latest Member of GOP Field

AP Photo/Nati Harnik
AP Photo/Nati Harnik

The crowded GOP presidential field is almost complete.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal became the latest Republican to jump in, in front of a raucous crowd in New Orleans.

In his announcement, Jindal celebrated the power of legal immigration. His parents came here from India, he said, because America is, indeed, “The land of the free and the home of the brave.” They were welcomed, he said, as Americans.

He touted his success battling corruption as Louisiana’s governor — a skill that might come in handy in Washington. “We reformed our ethics laws. We went from one of the worst states to one of the best states in the country,” Jindal said.

He also touted his education reforms — he’s a strong opponent of Common Core — “We trust the parents to make the best decisions for their kids.”

His state is growing. “Our kids are coming home,” Jindal noted, and added there are more jobs in Louisiana than ever. “Your state is doing things right!” he said to cheers from the home-town crowd.

“Democrats define success in terms of the prosperity of government; we define success by the prosperity of our people,” Jindal said. He also took on candidates left and right.

There are plenty of good speechmakers in the Republican field, he said. But a campaign shouldn’t be about talking. He noted that Barack Obama is a famed speaker, and that hasn’t worked out well. “It is time for a doer. I’m not running for president to be somebody. I’m running for president to do something,” he said.

“We can rock the boat, and we will rock the boat” in Washington, Jindal said. He vowed to “secure the border,” “repeal ObamaCare,” and revitalize the Republican party in Washington. “I’m running for president without permission from headquarters in Washington,” he said, quipping that he’s “Tanned, rested, and ready for this fight.”

Jindal may be later than most entrants to the race, but he won’t waste any time getting on the campaign trail. He’s set to attend a campaign breakfast in New Hampshire on Thursday.