Report: 7,000 Cops Stand Guard on New York City Streets to Counter ISIS Threat


From Wills Robinson writing at the Daily Mail:

More than 7,000 police officers will flood the streets of New York City during the July 4 celebrations has security is ramped up across the country amid concerns ISIS sympathizers may try and target the event.

The extra cops will be placed at landmarks and in crowded areas as residents watch the firework displays and attend parties around the city.

The heightened security comes as local authorities across the country have been told to remain vigilant this Independence Day, while the FBI has also stepped up its presence.

Intelligence officials have said there is increased “chatter” on terrorist networks, prompting fears homegrown extremists may try and stage an attack.

The Bureau and the Department of Homeland Security have issued a bulletin to 18,000 law enforcement agencies nationwide to be on alert.

U.S. Park Police Chief Robert MacLean has said: ‘Our nation is under threat, our law enforcement, our military are under threat, so we take the threat seriously.’

The FBI has set up commander centers in 56 of all its field offices across the United States to monitor any potential terrorist threats.

In New York, enhanced counter-terrorism measures will be in place in a bid to avoid an attack.

The state’s homeland security department also will increase the staff on Saturday at its 24-hour Emergency Operations Center and the New York State Watch Center, which monitors events across the state.

In Boston, undercover cops and tactical units will be on patrol, supported by helicopters.

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