Marco Rubio’s Presidential Campaign Message Translates into Big Donation

marco rubio 54
Associated Press

Marco Rubio is expected to announce a big donation haul for his presidential campaign in the coming days.

But while we wait for Rubio’s fundraising numbers to come in, the Conservative Solutions Project—a 501(c)(4) group, that supports Rubio candidacy and is ran by Pat Shortridge, the man credited for grounding Rubio’s 2010 Senate campaign—is reporting that it has raised $15.8 million.

Pat Shortridge stated:

[W]ith more than $15.8 million raised already, Conservative Solutions Project is nearly two-thirds of the way to our overall fundraising goal. These funds will allow us to continue the fight to restore our military and our nation’s role in the world, and given the recent news about the nation’s stagnant economy, advocate for conservative solutions to an inefficient tax code and education reform so all Americans have a chance to pursue their dreams.

Warren Tompkins, the South Carolinian running Rubio’s super PAC—who created the Conservative Solutions Project—is also a business partner with Rubio’s presidential campaign manager Terry Sullivan.

Rubio is money.