Steve King Defends Donald Trump: ‘Three Quarters’ of Females Raped at Southern Border

Washington, DC

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) said GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is right on his illegal immigrant comments, and he added that “three quarters” of young females coming across the border are raped, according to The Hill.

Trump’s comments on illegal immigration during his formal presidential announcement have become a topic of debate.

King traveled the southern border during the time when thousands of illegal immigrant children were pouring through and said he spoke with the individuals taking care of the young females.

“I asked them the question — how many of these girls that go into a transfer home, how many of these girls are raped along the way? And I asked at place after place, the most consistent answer I got was 75%, and I heard Donald Trump say in Winterset, Iowa a week ago Saturday night that 80% are raped. That’s consistent with what I learned,” King said to The Hill’s Molly Hooper.

“So yes, they’re being raped, they’re being murdered they’re being brutalized, and when I know I’ve been challenged on that, ‘well you can’t conclude that (it’s) Mexicans or Central Americans that are doing the raping,’ well, can you conclude anything else? They are being raped, they are victims of rape, and the price for the transit sometimes is, often is, and predominantly is their body,” King stated.