Scott Walker: Terminate Deal With Iran

Scott Walker
The Associated Press

In anticipation of a nuclear deal with Iran, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker made it a key part of his presidential campaign announcement speech last night, warning against Obama’s decision to make peace with Iran over their nuclear program.

“Looking ahead, we need to terminate the bad deal with Iran on Day One, put in place crippling economic sanctions and convince our allies to do the same,” he said as the crowd applauded.

Walker warned that Obama made a series of foreign policy mistakes, including his failed red line on Syria, mis-identifying ISIS as the JV squad, calling Yemen a “success story,” as well as his upcoming deal with Iran.

He brought Kevin Hermening, one of the 52 former American hostages held by Iran in the 1970’s, to his speech.

“He knows that Iran is not a place we should be doing business with,” Walker said after introducing Hermening. “Iran hasn’t changed much since he and the other hostages were released on President Reagan’s first day in office.”