Surge In Seniors Buying Handguns For Self-Defense


After years of female demand for guns changing the way the firearm manufacturers make and market their products, gun stores are now indicating that senior buyers are becoming more and more prevalent.

The motivation for seniors? Self-Defense.

According to Fox News, Tim Tomich own’s Tim’s Shooting Academy in Westfield, Indiana, and he is noticing not simply a rise in senior purchasers but also sharp increase in the number of seniors who want training in “how to shoot.”

Tomich said:

A lot of times it’s the husband who hunted 30 years ago, hasn’t really done anything since then, and the wife has never fired a handgun or a firearm of any type.

I think they’re being intimidated by what is happening out there. Back in the day people were doing more hunting – and that’s where a lot of your firearms went. Now people are more concerned about protecting themselves and now they’re looking more for handguns.

Tomich said he is not persuaded that a large number of the seniors that come into his store will actually carry the handguns they purchase. Rather, he believes they want to acquire the guns and become proficient with them in order to be able to protect their own lives and the lives of their families at home.

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