She Can’t Believe It’s Not Trump: Woman Spots The Donald in Tub of Butter

Jan Castellano
Jan Castellano
Washington, DC

A woman from Wildwood, Missouri claims that she sees GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s face in her tub of butter.

When Jan Castellano looked inside the Earth Origins Organic Spread she bought from Trader Joe’s, she was surprised to see what she said resembles Trump’s face.

“I’m just tired of seeing his face everywhere,” Castellano said to The Daily Beast. “And I open up my butter and there he is!”

“He has such weird expressions,” she stated. “He’s so animated—whether he’s angry or whether he’s trying to make a point. All the cameras seem to capture him with his mouth kind of open and his eyes scrunched.”

She thought about selling the tub of butter with Trump’s face in the spread on eBay, but has decided to hold off for now, according to the New York Daily News.