National Journal: Donald Trump Makes Jeb Bush Seem Like a Wimp

Jeb Bush
(AP Photo/Nati Harnik

Donald Trump has been attacking Jeb Bush not on policy but personality–and Jeb is failing to push back hard enough.

From National Journal:

Donald Trump has gotten a boost in his efforts to maul Jeb Bush in recent days from an unexpected source: Jeb Bush himself.

Trump’s attack on Jeb isn’t mainly about issues. As with most things Trump, it’s mostly about persona. The Donald thinks Jeb is a dud. “He’s a man that doesn’t want to be doing what he’s doing,” Trump said in June. “I call him the reluctant warrior, and warrior’s probably not a good word. I think Bush is an unhappy person. I don’t think he has any energy.”

Over the last week, Jeb has proved Trump right. Trump, and his supporters, continue to demonize Mexican-American illegal immigrants. On Tuesday, Trump threw the most popular Spanish-language broadcaster in America out of a press conference. That same day, Ann Coulter warmed up for Trump in Iowa by offering gruesome details of murders by Mexican “illegals” and suggesting that, once Trump builds his wall along America’s southern border, tourists can come watch the “live drone shows.”

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