Police: Woman High on Drugs Smashed into House, Killing Mother and Injuring Baby

Drive High Get a DUI ad Brennan Linsley, AP
Brennan Linsley/AP
Amherst, OH

Police in Amherst, Ohio say that a woman who smashed her car into a private residence was high at the time of the accident that killed a mother and seriously injured her baby inside the home.

Authorities released the results of a test of a blood sample taken from 23-year-old Adrianna Young that showed she had twice the limit for marijuana in her system at the time of the accident.

Young was driving in the far western suburb of Cleveland, just before 8AM on July 28, when she lost control of her vehicle and smashed into the living room of the home where Debra Majkut and her 5-month-old baby were sitting.

The mother was instantly killed when the car smashed through the home, but the baby was pinned under the rear of the car. The infant suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns from the car’s hot muffler but survived the crash.

Police say that the quick actions of the baby’s 11-year-old brother and two neighbors saved the infant from worse injuries. The three youngsters were able to free the child from underneath the car, separating it from the superheated muffler that would have burned it alive.

Officers also say that the bouncy seat in which the child was sitting was also a factor in the baby’s miraculous survival, as it acted as both a shock absorber and a cage, keeping more serious harm from befalling the child.

Ohio’s criminal codes have set the limit for marijuana at 50 nanograms per milliliter of blood. Young’s test came back at 112.90 nanograms per milliliter, authorities reported on Monday.

With the newly obtained findings that the driver was seriously impaired, further charges will now be levied against her.

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