Biden Praises Bernie Sanders’ Crowd Appeal


Vice President Joe Biden did not speak about a possible run for president with donors Wednesday night in Florida. The possible candidate did, however, offer praise for candidate Bernie Sander’s ability to energize supporters.

Biden spoke to about 40 Democratic donors at a Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee fundraiser but did not mention either his possible candidacy or frontrunner Hillary Clinton, according to pool reporter Carole Lee from The Wall Street Journal.

“He did say that Bernie Sanders was doing a great job exciting his crowds,” Lee quoted an unnamed Democrat in attendance.

The Democrat added that Biden said, “I’m not a populist like Bernie.”

According to the source, Biden made the comments about Sanders in the context of the Senate races and needing to be engaged.

The event was closed to press. Lee reported that Biden spoke to the crowd for 10 minutes largely about the 2016 Senate races and only had time for one question about Iran.

“I know it’s hard to believe. He discussed the Iran issue at some length and then he had to leave,” the Democrat said of Biden not being asked about his presidential plans.

“You can love Joe and you can love Hillary at the same time. And I think there were a lot of people in the room that felt that way,” the Democrat added.

According to a CNN survey of the guests, none left the fundraiser firmly behind the idea of a Biden presidential run.

“What does he have to offer that (Democratic front-runner Hillary) Clinton doesn’t?” CNN quoted an attendee.

Senator Bill Nelson (R-FL), a Clinton supporter, spoke to the donor crowd in advance of Biden’s arrival at the fundraiser.