Father of Slain Virginia Reporter Joining Everytown, Shannon Watts, for Gun Control Rally

Gun Control Rally
Indianapolis Star/AP/Charlie Nye

Andy Parker–father of slain Virginia reporter Alison Parker–will be joining Everytown for Gun Safety and Shannon Watts for a gun control rally in Washington DC on September 10.

Richard Martinez–father of Santa Barbara victim Christopher Martinez–will also be at the rally, which was organized by Bloomberg-sponsored Everytown with the goal of convincing Congress to pass “common sense gun legislation.”

Universal background checks have been the central fixture of Everytown’s “common sense gun legislation” for nearly three years, and they were also one of the first things Andy Parker called for after his daughter’s death. However, Christopher Martinez’s gunman–Elliot Rodger–passed a background check for the gun he used in his attac, and Alison Parker’s gunman–Vester Lee Flannagan–passed a background check for his gun, so it is difficult to see a benefit in expanding the number of places in which people have to undergo the same check.

Breitbart News previously reported that Andy Parker emerged the day of his daughter’s death to push for closing non-existent “loopholes” in background checks. Over the next four days, his gun control push expanded to include the expansion of background checks, more regulations on gun show sales, and the implementation of “gun violence restraining orders” in Virginia. Even as he pushed the “gun violence restraining orders,” he admitted they “wouldn’t have saved” his daughter.

So we have a push for gun control by someone who admits gun control would not have prevented the heinous attack that drove him to support gun control in the first place.

Nevertheless, Everytown says they are “calling on all Americans” to join them “at the U.S. Capitol on September 10 when Congress comes back from recess” to show them that gun control supporters are willing to “#WhateverItTakes to end the crisis of gun violence.”

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