White House: Syrian Refugee Crisis ‘Under Active Consideration’

Migrants who had crossed the Serbian border into Hungary fight to get on a bus taking people to a refugee camp on September 8, 2015 in Morahalom, Hungary. Some of the men who managed to get on the bus ended up leaving their wives and children behind. Thousands of migrants …
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Confronted with headlines in the media highlighting the extreme conditions suffered by Syrian refugees, the White House admitted that additional steps were “under active consideration” at the State Department.

Earnest, however, was reluctant to detail whether the United States would permit additional refugees from Syria – even though European countries have announced their intention to increase immigration levels.

“I think what is true is that there are some countries in Europe that deserved credit for the efforts that they have undertaken and for the hospitality that has been shown by many European citizens who have generously responded to the desperate situation of some fellow human beings,” Earnest explained.

When pressed by reporters in the White House press briefing, Earnest reminded them that the United States had already provided significant aid to Syrian refugees.

“The United States is certainly looking for ways that we can further augment the already significant steps that we’ve taken to support that response,” he said.