State Dept. ‘Transparency Czar’ Was Copied On Clinton’s Classified Email

hillary clinton
AP Photo/Ricardo Arduengo

New State Department “Transparency Czar,” Janice Jacobs, it turns out, is a maxed-out Clinton donor.

But before she wrote checks, she apparently failed to check her incoming email. As Breitbart News reported exclusively last week, Jacobs is actually part of the Clinton email scandal. She received some of the questionable emails from Clinton’s illicit home-brew mail server. Patrick Howley reported:

The shared emails discussed sensitive topics involving the North Korean regime’s relations with China and the urgent political situation in Haiti.

Jacobs was copied on an email dated February 8, 2010, in which top Clinton aide Cheryl Mills asked various government officials for help on the issue of a status of forces agreement (SOFA) in Haiti and other Haitian issues involving that country’s then-Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive.

Mills sent an email to Jacobs and others with the subject line “Re: PM Bellerive on Donors’ Conference, SOFA, adoptions, migrants, political dilemma and more.”

“Can you explain more on his goals for a SOFA given our joint communique,” Mills wrote to her colleagues in a partially redacted email that she forwarded to Hillary Clinton a few hours later.

Jacobs was copied on two other classified emails that Clinton received on the issue of North Korean border detentions.

Additionally, Jacobs was copied on a May 20, 2009, email that State Department staffer Kurt Tong sent to colleagues with the subject line “DPRK: AMCIT BORDER DETENTIONS UPDATE #47.” Mills forwarded that email to Hillary Clinton.

The State Department classified that email on June 30, 2015, and marked it “CONFIDENTIAL.” It is set to be declassified on May 20, 2030.

Actually, some of that correspondence sounds like it comes pretty close to the “born classified” rules that say foreign government information must be treated as classified material by default – a rule the State Department amusingly disputes to protect Clinton, without ever getting around to saying exactly why foreign government info in her emails should be uniquely immune to the rule.

Perhaps the Transparency Czar can clear that up for us. She’s had plenty of time to think it over, since she received these emails from Clinton years ago, when she was working as a diplomat.

This story reflects not just on Hillary Clinton, but on the Obama Administration too, because it spotlights how so many officials had to be aware of Clinton’s unique and legally dubious email arrangement for years, long before Freedom of Information Act lawsuits and Congressional pressure began forcing her to hand over some of her long-hidden correspondence.

Far too many people who should have blown the whistle on Clinton kept quiet. Finding someone truly impartial to improve transparency, in an Administration with a penchant for obfuscation, stonewalling, and secret communications networks, is not easy.