Emmy Awards: Stars Wear Green Ribbons to Support Obama Climate Change Plan

Getty Images
Getty Images
Los Angeles, CA

At Sunday’s 67th Emmy Awards, a number of actors and other industry figures sported green ribbons over their high fashion choices, in order to support President Obama’s climate change initiative.

Stars, including Transparent’s Jeffrey Tambor, Veep’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Louis CK, Don Cheadle, Mandy Patinkin, and George R.R, Martin were seen wearing the ribbons, which bore the phrase “Demand ClimateAction.”

The Natural Resources Defense Council took to social media Sunday to thank the stars for wearing the ribbons:

The NRDC said during the show, “If you’re watching the Emmy Awards tonight, you’ve seen some of Hollywood’s biggest stars demanding climate action from world leaders by prominently wearing a green ribbon distributed by NRDC supporters.”

“It sure looks good with that best actor trophy, Jeffrey Tambor. Congrats!” said the NRDC. “Climate change is the most critical humanitarian crisis of our time. In December, hundreds of world leaders will gather in Paris with an urgent mission: working together to finalize a new global agreement for combating climate change.”

Check to the video for Obama’s Clean Power Plan below: