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‘Scratch a Liberal and You Will Find a Fascist Every Time’: Hollywood Icon James Woods Opens Up About Left’s Attempt to Destroy His Career

Hollywood icon James Woods has opened up about the left’s attempts to destroy his acting career, promising he will fight back against the people who took his livelihood from him. He also confirmed the existence of a present-day Hollywood blacklist, saying casting directors deliberately weed out actors whose social media history shows any deviation from the left.

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Report: Hollywood Assistants Erupt over Low Pay, Grueling Hours as Their Woke Bosses Push Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

For decades, Hollywood assistants have endured low pay, grueling hours, and degrading treatment in the hopes of one day landing a cushy studio job or a seat at the writers table of a hit show. But resentment is growing as their wealthy, left-wing bosses increasingly promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in public while keeping their underlings in a form of modern-day servitude.

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Actress Elizabeth Banks Pushes Democrats’ Unlimited Abortion Bill as Abortion Support Hits All-Time Low

Elizabeth Banks, “Charlie’s Angels” and “Pitch Perfect” actor-director and host of ABC’s game show “Press Your Luck,” pumped out a one-minute Twitter video to her 2.2 million followers of herself pushing the Democrat bill that would allow unlimited abortion, nullify all pro-life state laws, and force American taxpayers to fund abortions.

Elizabeth Banks attends the Women In Film 2017 Crystal and Lucy Awards at the Beverly Hilt